Why have a Health Optimisation Plan?

When considering whether to engage in a Health Optimisation Plan with Secured Health, it is vital to understand the importance of wellbeing at work and more importantly the impact of not providing adequate support on health and wellbeing issues.

The physical and mental health of your employees and understanding the challenges they face is crucial to the effective management of people.

The work environment you create and how you support your employees is vitally important.

Engaging in a preventive approach and identifying problems early can massively reduce the impact on the business.

Businesses have a duty of care for their employees, and it essential that appropriate measures are in place to enable staff to receive confidential support and advice on matters that are affecting them.

Why is wellbeing important?

The importance of physical and mental wellbeing has received significant press attention in recent years, and as such has become a much greater priority for businesses as they appreciate the need to provide support for employees.

Personal and professional lives are connected like never before, and life is vastly more complicated for everyone.

Ensuring that employees are given all the tools to cope in every situation is more critical now than ever.

This is where our Health Optimisation Plans deliver for your business. External factors will always impact on employees’ moods whether they are dealing with personal loss, a tragic event or issues like addiction or substance abuse.

The role of leadership is to provide the most appropriate support to the whole workforce ensuring improved wellbeing for employees, and a more stable and balanced working environment.

This will positively impact on business performance and improve staff engagement and retention.

Prevention is better than cure

Identifying issues before they become serious is critical, whether that be medical issues, mental health issues, gambling, alcohol, drugs or even relationship issues.

Having an open culture where these issues can be discussed, and providing access to support which employees can visit at the earliest time, ensures that problems are identified early and solutions are provided.

44% of employees know a colleague who has had to give up work due to stress, which just goes to show that early prevention is key to preventing problems escalating.

Waiting until it’s too late often means the implications are far more impactful for both the individual and the business.

Ensuring managers are trained appropriately to spot signs of mental ill-health and to manage these situations in a supportive manner is essential.

A Health Optimisation Plan from Secured Health will enable business owners, directors and managers to be far more engaged and aware around mental health issues.

Duty of care

As an employer, you have a duty of care to every employee. Providing an appropriate level of support for health and wellbeing in the workplace is essential.

The welfare of employees whilst at work is largely the responsibility of business owners and managers alike, to ensure they have adequate support for health related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your Health Optimisation Plan help to improve wellbeing in the workplace?

Secured Health offers Health Optimisation Plans that are unique in the market and deliver the highest level of content and service in a secure and confidential manner. We offer an online portal and app called Balance that is filled with information around all areas of health and wellbeing and provides up-to-date advice for employees and employers in a user-friendly way.

Our Balance portal also features fact sheets, four-week help plans and signposting to carefully selected partner organisations who can help further. We also provide access to 24-hour confidential counselling that enables businesses to operate more efficiently and deal with workplace health and wellbeing effectively when it needs to be addressed, all alongside our unlimited expert legal and financial advice.


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