Health Optimisation Plan

Your Health Optimisation Plan (HOP) opens the door to a workplace wellbeing programme, rich with dedicated resources to help navigate personal health and wellbeing challenges.

From dealing with mental health issues, such as anxiety or stress, or adjusting to family problems including bereavement and divorce, all employees will find a variety of options available to them as part of their unique wellbeing programme.

How employees can use their health optimisation plan?

Once your employer has subscribed to a Health Optimisation Plan, employees will be provided with unlimited access to Balance, which is our market leading portal delivering the best in wellbeing advice, and signposting, across the broadest range of health-related topics.

In addition, you will immediately gain unlimited access to 24/7/365 counselling support from our highly trained team of counsellors, so you have emotional support whenever and wherever you need it.

You will also have unrestricted access to industry leading legal and financial advice, where our experts can advise you on a wide range of matters from neighbourly disputes to divorce and debt to pensions. We really do have every base covered.

Our counsellors have received the highest possible standard of training and are all Level 5 BACP qualified.

They have the training, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the help and support you need with any personal challenges, regardless of how big or small. They are always on hand and available to talk.

What content is available as part of my HOP?

Alongside our on-demand telephone counselling service and our legal and financial helplines which you have unlimited access to, employees will also have unlimited access to our Balance portal which can be accessed online or via our app.

Balance provides a wide variety of useful information in easily digestible formats.

There is signposting and referrals to charities and support groups for areas such as coping with illnesses or mental health.

Our partners provide independent and highly specialist advice that can often bring an additional level of knowledge and comfort to those seeking support. The content we provide is relevant for both employees and employers.

We also have a separate area specifically for managers and business owners that provides advice and support on issues more pertinent to them, including how to better support a staff member suffering with mental health issues, or supporting someone within the team managing a bereavement.

We also provide advice and guidance around issues central to modern day management, such as policies around equal pay and discrimination, through to how to better communicate with your team to achieve the desired results.

Features & Benefits

For employees, your Health Optimisation Plan provides the following content:

  • Where to find support for health and wellbeing issues including health, life, work and illness
  • How to improve your health, such as healthy eating, cutting down or stopping smoking, and losing weight
  • How to get advice for mental health challenges like anxiety or depression
  • Legal and financial advice
  • Advice on parenting, relationships and divorce
  • How to cope better at work with stress, bereavement or change

While employers, receive access to the following:

  • Support and advice to enhance staff performance and improve results. This information can only be accessed via the management section of our Balance portal and is not revealed to any employees using the web portal or app

For more information about our Health Optimisation Plans and how workplace wellbeing programmes work for employees, contact us today and speak to one of our specialist advisors.

Frequently asked questions

How can your Health Optimisation Plan help to improve wellbeing in the workplace?

Secured Health offers Health Optimisation Plans that are unique in the market and deliver the highest level of content and service in a secure and confidential manner. We offer an online portal and app called Balance that is filled with information around all areas of health and wellbeing and provides up-to-date advice for employees and employers in a user-friendly way.

Our Balance portal also features fact sheets, four-week help plans and signposting to carefully selected partner organisations who can help further. We also provide access to 24-hour confidential counselling that enables businesses to operate more efficiently and deal with workplace health and wellbeing effectively when it needs to be addressed, all alongside our unlimited expert legal and financial advice.

How much does a Health Optimisation Plan cost?

When enrolling your business into a Health Optimisation Plan you will be taken through all of your options with one of our Wellbeing Advisers. As each Plan is adaptable to the needs of your business, the price of your Health Optimisation Plan will not be displayed online.

How long does a Health Optimisation Plan with Secured Health last?

Our Health Optimisation Plans are available for a variety of contracts ranging up to 5 years depending on the needs of your business. Please contact one of our Wellbeing Advisers to discuss options for your business.

How many times can employees access the services available?

Access to our services including our resources portal, Balance and our counselling services is unlimited to employees enrolled as part of a Health Optimisation Plan.

Are the different membership options available?

No there is not although Health Optimisation Plans are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

How many employees can use a Health Optimisation Plan?

You can enrol as many employees to your Health Optimisation Plan as possible and we will ensure that you receive the right package for your business.

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