Employee Benefits

The best way to show you are committed to staff wellbeing is by having a Health Optimisation Plan in place for all employees.

Secured Health helps employees to understand the best ways to maintain, and improve, both their physical and psychological wellbeing.

We do this by providing unrestricted access to the most advanced staff wellbeing programme on the market today including access to our sophisticated online platform; Balance and our 24/7/365 counselling services.

Employees have access to around the clock support and strategies for improving their physical and mental health, as well as unlimited access to the best confidential and independent advice.

This enables improvement of the employer/employee relationship exponentially leading to major business gains through increased productivity.

Information on where to find support

As an employee, it is important to know where to access advice and information on health and wellbeing matters. Secured Health provides a comprehensive service for employers by delivering information on all elements of staff health and wellbeing in multiple formats.

With Secured Health your staff can learn how to eat better and exercise more to improve their health. They can also access advice on safe amounts to drink and, if applicable, how to cut down or quit smoking.

We provide resources and advice on mental health issues such as anxiety and depression which together affects approximately 1 in 4 of the population.

This advice and support can be accessed anonymously through our Balance portal, or in the strictest confidence through our team of trained counsellors 24/7/365.

Legal and Financial advice

Whether you are buying a home, or you have a neighbourly dispute, an issue with writing a will or filing for divorce, our legal advisors are on hand to provide the necessary support and unbiased advice you can rely on.

It doesn’t matter whether the issue is personal or professional; we are entirely independent in our approach.

Financial concerns are one of the leading causes of stress in the UK with 40% of people saying stress caused by financial issues affects their productivity at work.

Secured Health can provide your employees with access to comprehensive financial support that can help to alleviate their worries surrounding money and get them on track financially.

Your employees will have access to advice on areas such as debt, financial loss, retirement planning, wills, trusts and budgeting.

With the help of Secured Health, you can improve your workforce’s focus on their work responsibilities and support them through their toughest times.

Life Advice

Through our Balance portal, your staff can receive information and help on where to access the best advice for a range of issues, including; illness in the family, advice on parenting, bullying and harassment, healthy eating, exercising more or drinking less.

We provide advice on many areas related to health, life and work as we understand that these areas all impact on each other. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of life by providing support services you can call upon whenever you need them.

We live in stressful times and how this manifests itself in each person can be very different. We appreciate everyone is unique and we live in a complicated world. Whatever the issue, and however it is affecting you, we have services that can help.

Our Level 5 BACP qualified counsellors are available 24/7/365 as part of our HOP to support all areas of staff wellbeing and our services are 100% confidential.

For more information about our Health Optimisation Plans and how they can enable you to better support staff wellbeing in our workplace, contact us today and speak to one of our specialist advisors.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Secured Health cost?

We will be happy to discuss our pricing policy dependent on the size of your workforce so please give one of our Wellbeing Advisers a call today to discuss your plan.

How long does a subscription to Secured Health last?

We have plans available to suit the needs of every business so please contact a wellbeing adviser who can discuss which option will be most appropriate for you.

Are Secured Health’s services confidential?

Our services are 100% confidential, highly secure, and your employer will never know you have accessed the service.

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