About Us

Secured Health is a leading provider of Health Optimisation Plans for businesses operating across a wide range of markets.

We offer highly innovative health & wellbeing plans, designed to offer all of your employees the best support for their wellbeing needs in work and at home.

Our unique approach has enabled us to develop a sophisticated online platform called Balance. Our cutting-edge portal gives you and your employees access to a wealth of information, either online or through our app.

We will enhance the lives of employees, managers and directors and improve decision-making on a wide range of issues and life challenges.

In addition to Balance, we also provide professional counselling services which can be accessed 24/7/365. All of our counsellors are highly trained and BACP Level 5 qualified meaning you have access to the best support available.

Business vision and mission statement

Our focus is on delivering the best health and wellbeing services for workplaces of all sizes. We are transforming the lives of employees and creating healthier and happier working environments for everyone.

Through our Balance platform and associated counselling services, we are committed to giving every employee the information they need to be their best self.

We enable employees to identify issues early and to deal with them in the most appropriate manner without fear for how they are perceived. This preventative approach ensures that an employee’s capacity to perform in the workplace is often not affected.

It is our mission to support businesses with the wellbeing and development of their employees, to improve employee engagement, increase productivity and reduce attendance issues.

We accept that life issues affect performance at work and challenges at work affect personal lives. Our services can be accessed anytime, anywhere significantly enhancing the relationship between employer and employee on all levels.

What makes Secured Health the authority on wellbeing support?

Secured Health offer Health Optimisation Plans specifically designed around the needs of your employees.

Our offering is unique and our portal, Balance, is highly sophisticated in terms of accessibility and content.

All of our content including signposting, fact sheets, 4-week plans, a separate area for managers, and in-depth expert advice enables everyone within the business to perform to their optimum.

Secured Health’s experience and accomplishments

The leadership team of Secured Health is made up of highly knowledgeable industry experts with many years of combined experience working across a broad range of health and wellbeing and employee engagement markets.

We have a track record of providing the highest level of service to all our clients and ensuring the needs of every employee are met in a timely and welcoming manner.

For many of our clients, we have become a trusted wellbeing partner delivering a crucial service that they simply can’t live without.

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