Health Optimisation Plan

Comprehensive health and wellbeing plans to support your business

Secured Health makes quality workplace wellbeing a possibility for small and medium sized businesses

Who are Secured Health?

Secured Health is a leading provider of Health Optimisation Plans, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK and internationally.

Our health and wellbeing plans are set up with the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of your employees at the forefront of what we do.

All employees will have access to our innovative tools and services, including our much sought-after online portal, Balance.

Why employee health and wellbeing is important

Health and wellbeing in the workplace has become increasingly topical. What happens outside of work and the impact of life events on our emotions has a direct link with how people operate at work and vice versa.

Investing in a health and wellbeing plan that optimises the performance of all employees has never been more important.

There are so many external forces that impact on the way we feel and the decisions we make and these factors often spill over into how we operate at work, how we deal with our peers and how we perform.

Providing a support structure that engages the workforce and ensures employees have an outlet is critical to employee wellbeing and business success.

Mental Health Costs

Mental ill-health costs the UK economy £74-£99 billion per year due to lost output

Increase Productivity

49% of employees lose at least an hour of productivity each day due to stress

Increase ROI

Proactive interventions can result in an ROI of up to £8.40 for every £1 spent

Employee benefits

The benefits of our Health Optimisation Plans to your employees are multi-layered. As part of their HOP, each employee receives access to Balance, our online resources portal, giving them easy to access information on health, life and the stresses of work – whenever they need it and wherever they are.

Employees can also access advice about mental health including anxiety and depression where they have access to 24/7/365 counselling support. There is also expert legal and financial advice to assist with personal and professional problems.

Benefits to employers

Offering health and wellbeing plans to your employees is proven to have a positive impact on the overall working atmosphere of organisations. Your staff will feel less isolated, and far more engaged and valued, in the knowledge that they have access to critical resources where advice is independent and completely confidential.

By entering a partnership with Secured Health, you are able to reassure employees they have support available whenever and wherever they need it.

How our health and wellbeing plans work

Once employers have partnered with Secured Health to provide a wellbeing programme for their employees, we will provide access details for everyone, enabling immediate access to suite of services – including Balance – and unlimited access to our counselling service and legal and financial support. We also provide a highly engaging welcome pack detailing all of these benefits and how to maximise usage to deliver the best return on investment for your business.

How much does Secured Health cost?

Our team are on hand to discuss pricing and contract lengths with you so please give a Wellbeing Adviser a call on 0330 380 1818.

How long does a partnership with Secured Health last?

Please contact one of our Wellbeing Advisers today for a no obligation consultation on how Secured Health can improve your workplace wellbeing.

How many employees can use Secured Health's HOP's?

We have companies of all sizes using our services and we will ensure you are on the right package for your business.

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